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9XX Magnetic Wireless Car Charger (GEN 4) by 9XX Research

the most powerful Magsafe Charger in its class
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Here are a few of my satisfied customers in Atlanta, GA.

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I just had turbo spoiler installed on my pany4 2013 and it works and looks great, exactly like factory installation. It is done by a genius engineer from Atlanta who found the right way of doing it. I showed mine to dealership they couldn’t believe it. It is done exactly like factory install and they couldn’t tell any difference. I don’t think any dealership knows even how to do this. I saw some others did a so called "plug and play" but it doesn’t look normal from the clips on YouTube. It was stuck in the middle during closing .

Dr. Kayvan Ashnaei - 2013 Panamera
Vancouver, BC, Canada

I would like to say thank you to Anthony who successfully retrofitted the Turbo Spoiler to my Panamera. Anyone sitting on the fence and not sure whether this was repeatable then I can assure you that this is a 100% authentic and workable solution. Works identical to the factory installation.
Anthony installed the missing wiring and relays then programmed the car with PIWIS 2, everything went amazingly smooth. The wiring took a few hours to complete, the bonus was the spoiler and wiring worked on the very first try.
A Very happy customer.

Leslie Wiggins - 2014 Panamera
Orlando, FL, USA

SmartAuto4 on Porsche 997.2 PCM 3.0 One feature I love is that it still allows me to hear the beeps from the Porsche parking sensors! Aftermarket systems remove that, so was happy to see it worked with this setup!

Alan Messer - 2009 911 Cab
Los Gatos, CA, USA

I have installed the 9XX Smartauto4 with the rear camera and Komfort Windows in my 991.1 and am completely satisfied. As the equipment integrates with the PCM, I have all the original features without having to see aftermarket stuff on the dash. With Anthony's help, my long lost maps and navigation system have been restored (by cloning HDD to SSD).

Thanks, Anthony, you're a wiz.

Don Hand - 2013 911 Carrera S
Atlanta, GA, USA

If you want to update your Porsche  911 display and add a backup camera, look no further than 9XX RESEARCH.  The installation is seamless without damaging your original PCM software.  Everything Porsche remains, but with the push of a button, everything is different.... Apple Car Play appears on your PCM offering every convenience imaginable.  And finally I can see while backing up.  As mentioned, this installation is seamless, everything is located within the console... nothing dangling or hanging to look unsightly.  The installations are done by myself and Anthony Wong.  9XX Exclusive Experience is a great experience!

Jon Coffman - 2012 991.1 Cabriolet
Big Canoe, GA, USA

So far I am very happy with the unit (SmartAuto4.  It has worked flawlessly in function, no weird issues or overheating or anything, and your guides were easy to follow and made the installation process seamless.

Johnathan Lee - 2015 981 Cayman GTS
Atherton, CA, USA

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A testimonial from one of our most recent customers.

At 9XX, we always look for pathways to add abilities some considered to be impossible.

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Apple Carplay & Android Auto

We can integrate Apple Carplay and Android Auto into your Porsche Communication Module (PCM) without compromising the look or factory functions of your vehicle.

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9XX SmartAuto 4 for PCM 3.X
Best in class Apple CarPlay and Android Auto retrofit for your Porsche vehicle.
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PCM 3.0 and 3.1
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9XX camera for SmartAuto
Perfect for use as front or back camera
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B-Pillar for Panamera

B-Pillars are prone to UV damage and fading (left B-Pillar). We are able to efficiently and effectively install a Carbon Fiber onto the B-Pillar, giving your Panamera a more clean and updated look (right B-Pillar).


The 2D Spoiler design is typically exclusive to the Porsche Panamera Turbo, but we are able to retrofit this capability to any Porsche Panamera. Featured here is a 4E Hybrid with a 2D Spoiler.

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