Two kinds of clocks

Two kinds of clocks

Sports chrono clock on the right

The one on the left is the standard clock. The one on the right is the Sport Chrono Clock. Note that the second hand of the standard clock has been easy to fall off. The recent production batch is much better.

Turbo Spoiler retrofit on a Panamera S e-Hybrid

Turbo Spoiler retrofit on a Panamera S e-Hybrid

Does the turbo spoiler improve stability

According to German Auto Motor magazine’s test data, the regular spoiler has a down-force of 196 Newtons (42 lbs) at 200 km/h (124 MPH), and the turbo spoiler has a down-force of 294 Newtons (66 lbs)at the same velocity. However, coefficient of drag increases from 0.29 to 0.30. So, the official answer is yes, it has more down-force, and at the cost of a very minor increase in drag.

What is the justification for this upgrade

Since we don’t drive at 200km/h all the time, for a daily driver, the justification is:

10% Wet weather safety

10% Dry stability

80% Turn heads when you extend and retract spoilers

3M Crystalline tint with 90% windshield and 70% sides and rear

3M Crystalline tint with 90% windshield and 70% sides and rear

I have electric shades. Should I get tint

If it’s legal in your state, I strongly recommend it to preserve the interior. However, I will not go as dark as legal max for safety during night driving. 90% VLT Crystalline tint will block out 90% of the heat already. 70% VLT tint will block out 97% heat. Then 60%, 50%, 40% and 20% are the same, blocking out 97% heat. Keep in mind that your Porsche standard windows already has a 70% tint. If you install a 40% tint, your final VLT will be 70% x 40% = 28% which is very dark and illegal in some states.

Should I get tint or retrofit electric shades

That depends on the purpose. Tint will protect your interior against UV. All the 3M Crystalline tints reject 99% UV. Shades will provide privacy in the back, only to some extent. For the driver, tint is all you can use. Remember the formula:

factory tint x film tint = final tint

Use this to find out if your tint is legal.

One more tip: prior to tinting, install felt stripes on the rubber on the inside against the glass and let it cure for 4 days before putting tint on. Tint can be scratched by small sand debris that gets trapped in between the glass and the rubber. With the felt, it will not happen. However felt can be peeled off when opening and closing window if you did not wait at least 2 days to let it cure.