About Us

I have been doing Porsche vehicle customizations since 2017. I have been helping both classic and more recent model Porsche owners updating their beloved vehicles with new and reliable technologies. And in the last three years alone, I have helped dozens of clients in 4 continents. Without exceptions, I have been able to help my clients to significantly increase their enjoyment of their vehicles and sometimes even increase their value. That's what I am passionate about. In fact, I have displayed media and feedback from some of my clients throughout my website and on my YouTube channel.

My real strength is my ability to thoroughly understand the technology behind each piece of equipment I design and work on, and my passion to transfer this knowledge to my client during each engagement. I pride myself on my reputation to create seamless and flawless solutions that enhances the ownership experience. My positive and fearless attitude has driven me to design and implement many solutions that were once labelled "impossible".

What I am looking for are clients who love their Porsche vehicles but do not mind adding a few latest technology to them, who will not settle for anything less then perfection when it comes to enhancing their vehicles, clients who don't mind to showing off their Porsche vehicles from time to time on video and in public.

Are you that client?