Turbo spoilers retrofit for panameras


This will work on all Panamera’s from 2010 - 2019. I custom install these spoilers and program them to duplicate exactly how it works on a Turbo. They have factory wiring, factory plugs, factory relays, and programmed via the rear end electronics. Because it uses 100% factory parts, they work seamlessly with the rest of your Panamera.

Due to some demand in areas where travelling is cost prohibitive, I also help sell a plug and play kit that mimics the Turbo spoiler that can be used without my installation. This plug and play kit was made in Hong Kong/China and is very economical. It uses a delay circuit to postpone the 2D motion. Since it does not use your built-in hall sensors or electronics, you are responsible for keeping this plug in good condition so that it will not scratch paint on your trunk lid. In addition, this plug and play kit is not designed for high speed use, due to the delay mismatch when spoiler retracts from position B. This is unavoidable in this design due to missing hall sensor signals from the spoiler assembly. However, if you will never exceed 100MPH, this is a very good and economical alternative.




Denali National Park

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This One Tree Somewhere

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