Porsche Customization SERVICES

Hardware Services

Now that you own your dream car, does it live up to your dreams, 100%? Are there certain features on your Porsche that you thought were weight penalties when ordering, and now you regreted? Are there any features that you wish your Porsche has, but was not offered to your model? Were the answers given to by the dealerships were that you should trade it in? We understand how much you like your Porsche, and we will do our best to help you keep it while making your wish come true. We install OEM hardware options on to your Porsche, including ones that your dealership told your that they were impossible. The OEM Porsche part will come with the Porsche factory warranty. We promise the quality of the installation is at least on par with Porsche factory in Stuttgart, which is why we offer matching warranty for our services based on the warranty of the installed part from Porsche.

Software Services

You know that your Porsche has all the hardware, and factory has programmed them in a way that makes pretty good sense. But do you sometimes feel the urge to show off that 160 mph track speed stance while parked. Do you ever want to be able to extend your spoilers fully to position B while standing still? We fully understand how you feel, because we feel the same way. Our engineers can help you program your car’s hardware to your taste.

Who we are and who we are not

Just like yourself, we are Porsche enthusiasts. We receive a lot of support from our Porsche dealerships and their Service Centers. We are here to help you get the most out of your Porsche. There are no upper limits to our customization. However, we are not a competitor of any Porsche Service Centers. For this reason, any services that can be provided by your local Porsche Service Center are off limits at our facilities. Please respect this one rule as the most important of all rules.


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