I started working on Porsche’s when I bought my Panamera in 2016, but even before that I have been adding high quality gadgets to my previous cars. When I go to the dealership and ask them to retrofit something and got declined, I put it in my own hands, and grant my own wishes. When I realized that so many fellow Porsche owners have wishes too, I made it my mission to grant them their wishes the best I can.


Our Mission

We install hardware and software options on to your Porsche, OEM whenever I deem possible and make sense, including ones that you may have been told ‘impossible’. We promise the quality of the installation is at least on par with Porsche factory in Stuttgart. We want you to keep you enjoying your Porsche.

I showed mine to dealership they couldn’t believe it. It is done exactly like factory install and they couldn’t tell any difference.
— Dr. Kayvan Ashnaei - 2013 Panamera - Vancouver, BC

Anthony has successfully retrofitted the Turbo Spoiler to my Panamera. Anyone sitting on the fence and not sure whether this was repeatable then I can assure you that this is a 100% authentic and workable solution.
— Leslie - 2014 Panamera - Orlando, FL

What We've Achieved

  • 911 991.1 PCM3.1 Android Auto integration.

  • Panamera 970.1 Turbo Spoiler retrofit.

  • Panamera 970.2 Turbo Spoiler retrofit.

  • Panamera 970.2 Lane Departure Warning.

  • Panamera 970.2 Adaptive Cruise Control.

  • 911 991.1 backup camera with turning and distance guide.

  • Panamera 970.2 comfort light package.

  • coming soon…Panamera 970.2 electric power shades for rear windows and trunk.