9XX Camera A for 911, Cayman and Boxster
9XX Camera A for 911, Cayman and Boxster
9XX Camera A for 911, Cayman and Boxster

9XX Camera A for 911, Cayman and Boxster

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9XX Camera A is designed to be the perfect companion to the 9XX SmartAuto4 in case your car did not come with cameras. This camera features a very sharp picture at low visibility, and supports guiding lines and distance lines. Please note that if your car already has a factory backup camera, you can use this one as front camera by manual mode only. If your car did not come with backup camera, you can order two of these to cover both front and back. Programming into SmartAuto4 is seamless with all 9XX Cameras. Free technical support is provided to DIY and profession installer.

This is the same camera as shown in the video https://youtu.be/EeNZPy9O4G8

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We research and develop our own products. This picture shows how we extract CANBUS data from a 997.2. SmartAuto4 uses this information to provide active steering guide when connected to our 9XX backup camera.

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If you want to update your Porsche  911 display and add a backup camera, look no further than 9XX RESEARCH.  The installation is seamless without damaging your original PCM software.  Everything Porsche remains, but with the push of a button, everything is different.... Apple Car Play appears on your PCM offering every convenience imaginable.  And finally I can see while backing up.  As mentioned, this installation is seamless, everything is located within the console... nothing dangling or hanging to look unsightly.  The installations are done by myself and Anthony Wong.  9XX Exclusive Experience is a great experience!

Jon Coffman
Big Canoe, GA, USA

Hi Anthony, 

Thanks for touching base. The system has performed flawlessly. I’ve been sharing my experience on the Facebook 997 groups and many have asked about it.Such a great system that really modernises the experience of owning an older 911

Thanks again.

Keith Robinson
Magheramason, Londonderry, UK

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